August, 2014

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What is happening in the building of your home in 2014

Homeloans and building

Building your home

Thank you ABSA for this information.  You provide 100% building loans and your service is awesome.

The first half of 2014 saw the planning phase of residential building activity in the South African market for new housing, as reflected by the number of building plans approved by local government authorities, growing relatively strongly compared with the same period last year.

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ABSA – Family springboard offering 100% homeloans

So apply for a 100% homeloan today and benefit from Absa Home Loans bringing you the “Family Springboard” offering.100% homeloans ABSA springboard
The Family Springboard offering has been designed for first time home buyers to help them to substitute the deposit requirement of the home loan with collateral security in the form of an Absa Fixed Deposit provided by a helper.

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African Bank & the loan story

The future of personal loans

If you have a personal loan or other loan from African bank, well the main features of the Reserve Bank’s curator-ship announcement was that the “good” African Bank lending book of R26bn would be recapitalized by R10bn through a consortium of the major banks.

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