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Looking for a credit check? Are you ready to see what information the Credit Bureaus have about you? Are you ready to see a credit report, for only R89.00? This is most definitely something that all South Africans should have access to. Wizard Credit Checks is ready, and waiting, to take you on your journey to powerful credit, by offering you a comprehensive credit check. Our credit checks offer up to date credit data from the following credit bureaus: Mytransunion (Transunion, ITC) and Experian.

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Our Credit Checks offer you the opportunity to put the financial power back into your hands, by giving you your current credit status today. Knowing this will allow you to freely obtain the credit or loan you deserve. We're about providing you with the necessary credit checks that help you improve your credit status, so that when those credit checks come around; you'll be getting the credit you deserve.