African Bank Personal Loans

Loans to suit a wide range of needs from R500 to R150 000. Flexible repayment periods between 3 to 60 months


African bankAfrican Bank are currently the leaders in online personal loans. At African Bank everything you want starts with a plan.

African Bank loans understands that your financial needs are different to everyone else’s. This is why you are given a selection of repayment plans to choose from. Your repayment obligations are very important and before you apply for an African Bank loan, you must be sure that any other accounts you have are in good order.



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African Bank offers you a choice of carefully worked out repayment plans that suit your needs and that you can afford. It’s really important to understand that once you have African Bank credit, you are responsible for keeping up the payments. Our promise to you is that we are fully commitment to assist with your financial needs. Repayment plans start from three months and go up to 60 months, giving you more than enough time to pay your loan back.

Whatever your needs, African Bank offers personal loans up to R180,000 with comfortable terms of up to 84 months.

African Banks Product Offerings

African Bank has developed a variety of affordable, convenient and responsible, individually priced products that improve the quality of your life. From short terms to longer terms. African Bank assesses your profile and based on your individual profile will package a product for you.

Personal Credit:Debit Order Loans

A debit order loan is for customers who have a transactional account that can be debited for the repayment. If you choose the Debit Order option, African Bank will automatically deduct your repayment amounts from your bank account at the end of each month.

Some features offered with the African Bank Debit Order Personal Loan:

  • African Bank offers debit order loans from R500 to R30,000
  • Interest rates are based on the customers individual profile
  • An initiation fee is charged based on the loan size.
  • A monthly service fee is charged

Personal Credit:Payroll Deducted Loans

A payroll-deducted loan is like a debit order loan except the repayment of the loan is directly from your salary as apposed to your transactional account. If you choose the Payroll deduction option, African Bank Loans will automatically deduct your repayment amounts from your wages or salary.

Personal Credit: Cash Repayment Loans

A cash loan caters for customers who do not have a bank account. The loan is repaid, based on the customer’s repayment frequency, in cash.

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