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Credit Card and Fraud

Recently CNNMoneycredit card received an early model from the French company Oberthur Technologies. Expect it in 2017 if it catches on with major banks.



The mini ink screen is powered by a lithium-ion battery (like a phone) the size of a postage stamp that’s designed to last three years. A computer chip randomizes the number every 40 or 60 minutes.

Engineers have managed to squeeze it all into a regular, 0.76 millimeter-thick card.

The changing code renders the card useless to anyone who has written down your credit card number, expiration date and the code on the back.

And it would be a more complete solution than the one currently being implemented by the industry.

The American credit card system is undergoing a huge, $33 billion upgrade to computer chip-based smart cards that you’ll dip into new machines (instead of swipe).

But the way U.S. banks are upgrading credit cards won’t actually stop fraud. It’ll just move online, where anyone can use stolen card data for purchases that only require static credit card numbers.

Hence, the value in a dynamic CVV code (that number on the back of your card). This approach makes it a temporary password verified by your bank with every transaction, so stolen data is useless after the first few minutes.
“The hope here is that the dynamic CVV will severely cut down on fraud,” said Martin Ferenczi, Oberthur’s top executive in North America.

That is, if criminals don’t figure out number-changing mathematical algorithm inside.

One major barrier, though, is that each card is 50 times more expensive than the magnetic stripe cards still being issued by banks in the United States. And it’s 10 times more expensive than the latest chip-based cards.
Banks buy magnetic stripe cards for about 20 cents each. Modern chip cards go for $1.20 or so. Oberthur plans to sell these dynamic CVV cards for $10 to $20 a piece.

The difference could be huge. The largest banks issue tens of millions of cards. Replacing 30 million cards might cost $300 million.

“Now the question is, is there a business model for that price?” Ferenczi said.
It will be a tough sell. Oberthur will be trying to convince banks to upgrade their cards — just two years after the current upgrade.

Ferenczi said the reduced fraud costs and minimized headache to customers is worth it. And the added features help. At checkout, the card can be swiped, dipped or even tapped (like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay).
It’s trying to do everything the latest smartphone can do. And that’s why this feels like it could be the physical credit card’s last stand.

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Beating the post year-end financial blues

Singing the blues

There is no time quite like the present to beat the post year-end financial blues. Get your affairs in order in 2015 and to be on the right track here are a couple of ideas you might want to implement.

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3 Key focus areas to get financially on track for 2015

There are three key financial areas to focus on in 2015 so that you can get back on track financially and that will get you out of debt.

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ABSA MyHome offering revision Jan 2015

On the 1st July 2014, ABSA launched MyHome core offering 30% discount on bond and initiation fees for final granted home loan applications during the period 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2014.

Effective 1 January 2015 we will revert to the normal MyHome product offering which is made up of
the following:

ABSA Loan term adjustments:

While this is an existing value proposition we felt the need to include it as part of the repositioning statement. Customers, particularly those in the affordable housing segment, generally don’t qualify for home loans due to affordability; even though they meet all other credit requirements. By extending the term from 240 to 360 months customers may now qualify for a higher loan amount – the table below provides an example:


Absa MyHome Offering


Fixed rate options:

We offer our customers three fixed-rate options, i.e. 12 months, 24 months or 60 months.

Compulsory conditions:

  • Life Policy: Compulsory for the MyHome product where the LTV is bigger than 70%. Customers have the option to avail themselves of the Absa Life Insurance product or cede an existing life policy.
  • Borrower Education: Compulsory for the MyHome product where the LTV is bigger than 80%. This training programme takes place at the final grant stage and completion is required prior to registration of the home loan.
  • Home Owner’s Comprehensive Insurance: This insurance is compulsory; customers have the option to choose the Absa Home Owner’s Comprehensive Insurance product or cede an existing home owner’s policy, subject to the policy meeting Absa’s minimum cover conditions.
  • Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP): For monthly income levels between R3 501 to R15 000. FLISP is a government housing programme for households earning between R3 501 and R15000 per month. This target market will receive a subsidy grant of between R87 000 (income R3 501) and R20 000 (income R15 000); there is no maximum purchase price. Absa Home Loans concluded a memorandum of understanding with the National Housing Finance Corporation to provide FLISP to all qualifying applicants. The NHFC is commissioned by the Department of Human Settlements to administrate FLISP on their behalf.

Absa Home Loans’ affordable housing segment is continuously investigating innovative solutionsto assist government to close the housing gap in South Africa. In addition, we are committed to the Financial Sector Charter Code’s housing objectives.

Thank You ABSA for providing us with this information.



Private Equity is An Option in the Current Economy

For those individuals and businesses looking to raise capital, using private equity to gain capital especially as far as the SME market privateis concerned, seems to be one way forward, particularly for those that might not meet the precise criteria to be eligible for bank loans.

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Sectional Title Seminar

If you are managing your property or a few this would be just for you.

sectional title seminar

What is happening in the building of your home in 2014

Homeloans and building

Building your home

Thank you ABSA for this information.  You provide 100% building loans and your service is awesome.

The first half of 2014 saw the planning phase of residential building activity in the South African market for new housing, as reflected by the number of building plans approved by local government authorities, growing relatively strongly compared with the same period last year.

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ABSA – Family springboard offering 100% homeloans

So apply for a 100% homeloan today and benefit from Absa Home Loans bringing you the “Family Springboard” offering.100% homeloans ABSA springboard
The Family Springboard offering has been designed for first time home buyers to help them to substitute the deposit requirement of the home loan with collateral security in the form of an Absa Fixed Deposit provided by a helper.

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