ABSA Home Loan Product Update


FlexiReserve is an Absa Home Loan option that allows you to withdraw the funds available in your Home Loan account when you need it. But see what is the latest from ABSA homeloans today!

Advance portion:
This allows you to withdraw the additional funds paid into your bond.

Apply for this facility at your nearest Absa branch and Normal credit criteria will apply.


Should you wish NOT to use the Flexi Reserve option and you require funds as a once-off event, you may apply for a Re advance. This is a not the same as a further advance.

Further Advance

Register a higher amount on your bond and have access to that equity.

This means that your property must have increased in value to allow for the registration of a further bond (if required) over the additional value or that you use the funds via a building loan process to improve your property.