Cash in your pocket

Cash Your in Pocket

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Whether you –

  • Have just sold your home and are awaiting the proceeds;
  • Have been granted a mortgage bond over an unbonded property or further advance and are awaiting payment;
  • Need to pay your rates and taxes before your sale can be registered;
  • Have just switched to a larger home-loan and need the surplus funds prior to registration;
  • Are an estate agent and require an advance of your commission;

Our range of products is designed to get cash in your pocket quickly and professionally;

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Product range


Advance of seller’s surplus proceeds on the sale of property.
Financing payment of clearance rates and taxes on behalf of seller.
Advance of proceeds due under a second or further bond pending registration.
Advance of surplus proceeds derived through a bond-switch.
Advance of Estate Agents Commission.

We advance up to 80% of your surplus proceeds within 24 hours of receiving our required information. No more waiting for
registration to take place – now you are assured of your proceeds quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

What does it cost?


Our contracts are structured in terms of the National Credit Act definition of an ‘’unsecured transaction’’. The costs related to
these transactions include a daily rate of 0.088% (based on the current Bank Repo rate) as well as an initiation fee of 2% of the
principal contract amount (VAT excl) with a minimum of R 171 and a maximum of R 1 140 (both VAT incl). The initiation fee quoted
may vary from time to time in line with changes to the statutory pricing framework as articulated by the National Credit Act.

This is a transparent structure that is easily understood by clients given our status as an accredited National Credit Act Credit

Below is an example of a client bridging the proceeds of a property sale for 30 days:

Loan amount (80% of the surplus available) R 100 000

Repayment to Lender
Capital borrowed   R 100 000.00

Initiation fee (incl. VAT)                         R 1 140.00

Interest @ 0.088% per day x 30 days    R 2 670.10

Monthly service fee                               R 57.00

Amount due to Lender on registration    R103 867.10

Total cost of bridging loan                     R 3 867.10

The daily rate applicable to legal entities where the advance required is equal to or greater than R250 000, is 0.140% as these
transactions fall outside the National Credit Act definitions for ‘’unsecured credit transactions’’.

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