How do I choose the right bank for my home loan

Honestly if you’re asking this question – the short answer is “Go with the bank that gives you the best rate”… but there are other things to consider as well…

If you are not sure how to go about choosing the right bank for home loans, bear in mind that it is all a matter of preference and which financial institution will offer you the best financing at the lowest interest rates. This is where we come into the equation as we will do all the donkey work on your behalf, guide you in the right direction, shop around for the best options and show you how best to obtain a better credit score should you not qualify for a home loan due to a low credit rating.

The secret, of course, is in the credit score you have at the three top credit bureaus, as well as what you can afford; banks take all these and other criteria into account when you apply for a home loan. Once you have corrected your credit score plus if you have sufficient monthly income, a home loan from the various financial houses should not prove to be too difficult.

Does your bond originator help you with;

  • We are able to source home loans from a plethora of financial service providers – this means that you need not run from one bank to the next which means we save you time, money – furthermore this is a hassle-free method when looking for financing for home loans.
  • We will source just the right loan for your specific, individual requirements – in other words, if you are a first time home owner, want to build from scratch and need to procure a piece of land, or simply require a further bond to fix your existing home – we will find the right one for your specific and unique needs and requirements.
  • Perhaps you would like to invest in a rental property – we are in a position to source buy-to-let home loans for investors.

Suffice to say, it is not so much about choosing the right bank for home loans – it is more about what type of home loan you require and whether you qualify for a home loan. Call us today for that much-needed assistance where we will source the best of the bunch for your individual needs and requirements.