About Us at Wizard Midrand

We are a family focused business and wear our hearts on our sleeves at all times.

The team is driven by Steven Green as CEO supported by Chris and  Bruna  Green who steer the business through the world of finance, lead generation and online marketing.  They have been part of the establishment of mortgage origination in South Africa and continue to work with all major lenders, formal and informal having being part of setting up International mortgages and money transfers in over 50 countries.

Their network remains strong and solid and these innovations have been responsible for:

  • 15 years of SA mortgages and home loans and continues to grow in this changing and challenging time;
  • Provided 100% plus loan to value loans in times when the banks have dropped their values
  • Created top-up loans and rental finance for the property market
  • Provided Money transfers to and from SA and Internationally for those investing elsewhere whether expats or just investors.
  • Offering International home loans in more than 50 countries including the America’s, Europe, Australasia and the UAE
  • Provide free advice and services for Exchange Control regulations, credit risk management, home buying and saving advice and strategic investment services.

The staff are family too – the extended family, which you will see from the way they seamlessly deal with your business.  They include Mynhard janse van Vuuren, Ireyan Weber, Lindy Ziyambi , Dean Barker, Elsie Mshaishe, Alessio Perotti, Aaron Kempen, Thuli Buthelezi; Marvin Ortiz, Razina Patel, Terry Bennett, Victor Gumbu and Marc Garcia.