The Wizard Team that makes it all happen


Steven Green – Steve, that’s me, that’s the guy who does all the content all the SEO and internet marketing for Wizard Midrand. If the content is not right and the writing style and format is below par you can blame me :). Having worked in an IT background for 8 years, involved with Internet Service providers and online casino’s I’ve now moved into a SEO/SEM role and LOVING IT!. I currently administer various internet sites and BLOGS and do SEO par time for smaller companies that require some BIG GOOGLE HITTING! Only reason I got the job though was because my dad, well, he’s the CEO so live with it! I live for BONDS, BONDS and more BONDS….

Chris Green – CEO and founding member of Wizard Midrand. He is the drive and the force behind the Wizard Bonds team. Chris having started his career in IT has found his niche as one of The Wizard Home Loans Groups most successful bond originators. In 2004 Chris and Wizard Midrand successfully registered over R10 Million worth of bonds every month. In 2005 they successfully registered R20 Million worth of bonds and in 2006 they successfully registered over R30 Million. If you ever need to know anything about the world of home loans and financing, this is the man to speak to…
Elsie Mshaise – This lady is a work horse. She’s been with Wizard Midrand from day 1 and has actually worked with Chris Green for the last 20 years. Elsie is the one who has to put up with everyone’s “crap”. Elsie makes sure that the office is kept in it’s pristine condition and seems to work longer hours than anyone else in this place. Don’t leave your stuff lying around though or you’ll get it from a DIZZY height. Awesome