Credit Solutions

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Wizard Credit, your only web based one stop broker that allows you to get whatever information of credit requirements for you or your business.

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Credit Checks

Before you even think of applying for finance you should always make sure that you credit profile is in order. Due to all the loan based services we offer as a company, credit checks are probably the single most important element of them all. Whether you’re  individual or a company that needs finance, make sure you get your credit check first.

Credit Bureaus

What people often don’t realise is that South Africa is not made up of one big credit bureau but 3 major credit bureaus. There is alot of information here that will help you identify who, what, where and when you need to do credit checks and whom is responsible for what. This is credit bureaus demystified.

National Credit Regulator Information

This is no longer something new to South Africans. We all know that the National credit regulator is the main regulator for credit related information and inquiries in South Africa. If you need information pertaining to the NCR, please come on it and read all about credit regulations and restrictions in South Africa.

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