Check your credit rating and score

Step 2 of Your 10 Steps to your home loan! Check your credit rating and score.

What is credit and risk all about well come and check out the Credit Act Portal for everything you need to know.

So get your free credit report today – just click on the button to the right.

However, now you need a loan and need to know your credit status and this is where the idea of a free credit check starts.

Our credit report like those from all the credit bureaus will tell you:

Your credit score – the higher the score the better the chance of obtaining credit

Your personal details on the bureaus – keep them clean and up to date.

Your debt summary – who you owe what to.

Your payment profile – how you pay your accounts

Any listings, adverse, judgement and trace alerts

BUT if you have problems we will assist you in sorting these credit issues out through our associate company.