Credit Checks

A credit check is a report that is given to you by the credit bureaus that reflects your credit rating and score within South Africa’s credit environment. This credit rating is given to you based on all credit payments, applications and history you have with credit providers. These credit providers range from; banks, lenders, retailers to micro-lenders and furniture stores.

Why should I used Wizard Credit to get me credit check?

This is NOT your average credit report. Wizard Credit provide probably the most informative and comprehensive credit check reports in South Africa. Having partnered with companies that have allowed us to provide you with an all-in-one credit check report that pulls data from all 3 of South Africa’s credit bureaus.

Our reports are pulled directly from XDS credit bureau which allows us to pulled shared data from MyTransunion and Experian.

What credit checks does Wizard provide?

  • Company credit report
  • Consumer credit report

All our reports include company payment profiles & credit ratings.

What about my free credit check