Free credit checks

According to MyTransunion you can get 1 free credit check a year on your birthday.

With Wizard Credit, if you are applying for a home loan through Wizard Loans, we are unable to provide you with a free credit check. Unfortunately our new contracts stipulate that we are to charge for credit reports that we pull from the credit bureaus.

The most amazing thing about our non free credit reports is that we’re able to put data from all bureaus.

With Credit Checks, the great thing is we provide you with a brilliant report. This credit check report (both free and paid for) pulls data not only from MyTransunion but from Experian and XDS.  The data we pull from the credit bureaus also includes credit payment profiles along with this.

The problem with the free credit report from Mytransunion

There is a slight problem with getting your free credit report from MyTransunion. The report only includes data from MyTransunion (ITC) database, which is not a problem if your data has been updated across all 3 bureaus. However the way credit bureaus work in South Africa is that the data is often not copied across to all bureaus.

So, rather pay for a credit check than receive the free one as we’re able to pull data from all bureaus.