Fifa South Africa

Worldcup 2010

World Cup 2010 – South Africa, THE WORD is out!

For those of you that have come across this section of our site, you’re a lucky few who are getting the heads up for some specials that we’re running during this FIFA 2010 World Cup.

FOREX Fundi: 2010 World cup Forex transfers and money transfers. Our 2010 special is offering anyone wanting to move money to South Africa or move money from South Africa, the chance of a lifetime. NO TRANSFER FEE’S! That means a currency transfer fee saving of 3% of your total fee! Contact our 2010 Forex Department today!

MORTGAGE Fundi: 2010 World cup mortgages for South Africans looking to buy property during 2010 or non South African residents wanting to invest in South African property! For South Africans we are offering a mortgage of 90% LTV. For non South Africans we are offering 50% mortgages. The 2010 world cup special we’re giving is 0.45% of the total mortgage registered back in your pocket! Contact our 2010 Mortgage Department today!

CREDIT Fundi: 2010 World cup credit checks. Looking for the best in credit checks, we are able to offer you credit checks from all 3 bureaus via one of our business partners. Get discounted rates on credit checks only during the FIFA world cup 2010 south africa soccer build up. These credit checks range from FULL credit payment profiles on individuals to full credit profiles on businesses as well. Contact our 2010 Credit Department today!

INSURANCE Fundi: 2010 World cup insurance. As a first in South Africa, Wizard is offering all insurance affiliates the chance to get PAID PER LEAD! This means, we are willing to offer insurance affiliates R50 per car insurance lead during the build up to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. We’re also able to offer R50 per hom eloan insurance lead during the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Contact our 2010 insurance Department today!

TRAFFIC Fundi: 2010 World Cup online marketing. If you’re a company looking to promote your business during the 2010 WORLD CUP and you need online marketing specialists, Traffic fundi South Africa, is offering you the chance to get 2 months FREE online marketing if you sign a 12 month SEO / Online marketing contract with us. Contact our 2010 marketing Department today!