Are you travelling, working abroad and want to send money home or perhaps just looking to invest in property outside of South Africa’s borders? For any of these functions a reliable and affordable method of transferring your money is required. With our secure and cost effective forex service at WizardMidrand we possess the very tools you need to make it happen.

One of the earliest and most common forms of Greek banking was that of forex. With the large variance of coinage available in the ancient world past, a specialized practice of centers whereby money transfers could take place was formed. At WizardMidrand we carry on this powerful financial service of the wealthy Greek empire.

Security of Forex Transfers

The most pressing concern of forex transfers is the security of the funds in transfer. We understand that and as such maintain the highest standards of security. We are partnered with global forex specialists like HSBC, who through their secure segregated client accounts, have truly secure banking services.

With online tracking another feature of forex transfers with us, we can help you keep an eye on your money the whole time.

Forex With WizardMidrand

It is because of the following reasons that we are the best solution to your forex transfer needs:

  • Online tracking of your forex funds
  • No fofrex transfer or commission fees
  • Payment confirmation from HSBC of all forex transfers
  • Superior commercial forex exchange rates
  • Personal dealer based in our International branches

Other Forex Services

In addition to forex transfers we also offer forex trading for those individuals who wish to take advantage of the money market. With tools for both on the spot forex trading as well as forward market trading we can help you manage your trading with the same cost effective products and secure services.

To find out more about the world of forex trading and the opportunities it holds contact us today.

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