Insurance. You shivered a little didn’t you. I will say it again. Insurance.  What is the point of getting insurance you cry! All I do is pay against the vague possibility of needing the money when something happens!  I probably will never need it and I probably will just waste money on insurance that I could use elsewhere.

We at Wizard Insurance understand your hesitation; it is your hard earned cash after all.  People associate insurance with disasters and yet it is the very thing that can save them from it.  Bad things happen, frequently – get used to it.  As much as we believe we are the masters of our world the truth is we are at its mercy.

The power of insurance is its ability to provide us with the peace of mind to go out and live instead of cowering away.
Wizard Insurance provides you the ability to secure the most cost effective, reliable and user friendly insurance products on the market today.  Just fill in our no-obligation application form and our agents will provide you with the top 7 insurance quotes for you to compare.  By providing you with the ability to choose from South Africa’s leading insurance brands, we help you find the right cover to safe guard the things that matter the most to you, immediately.

Insurance is like a life jacket – Rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

We provide quotes for following types of affordable, comprehensive and adaptable insurance:

Fill in our easy application form and get your top 7 insurance quotes today!

Top 10 insurance savings tips

Rates can vary dramatically for the same driver, depending on which company you ask. That’s why it’ll pay you to get quotes from multiple insurance companies by using our quote form.

We offer the 12 most important ways to reduce the costs of your Insurance:

  1. Compare Prices: the difference between the highest and lowest insurance quote is always huge.
    Why not use our insurance form to get 8 Independent quotes with minimal fuss. Insurance companies are constantly collecting data that will change the price of your insurance, so a company that is the cheapest this year may not be cheapest next.
  2. Insure all your items on the same policy: the more you add to a single policy the better the rates should be. Insurance companies generally offer better rates if you insure your home contents (and other items) along with your car.
  3. Consider taking a higher excess: you could lower your premium by taking a higher excess, but make sure you can afford to pay the higher amount.
  4. Do you have a degree or own a company? Insurers have special packages that cater for you and you will get substantial discounts.
  5. Essential Insurance – starting at R80 / month: is your car paid-off, older than 5 years or worth less than R50 000? If so there is a limited cover alternative at a cheaper price. Ask our partners about “Essential Insurance”.
  6. If you have good credit – you’ll pay less: all insurers pull your credit report, before they calculate your premium. Studies have shown that someone with a bad credit record is more likely to claim. If your credit history is shaky, clean it up as soon as you can.
  7. Fit tracker tracking devices / Immobilisers: you can reduce your premiums by fitting anti-theft devices.
  8. Insure your car for its retail value rather than market or list price: this will mean a monthly saving but will leave you underinsured if you have to replace your car. Consider top up cover.
  9. Get old fast: one of the advantages of getting older is that your insurance premiums fall. If you are over 25 your insurance premiums will fall – get comparative quotes and see for yourself.
  10. If you’re young and drive a fast car, your insurance premium will be higher.