Car Insurance

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YOU NEED CAR INSURANCE? Apply for car insurance today.

The reality of owning and driving a car is that it is necessary to purchase car insurance or vehicle insurance. Insurance that covers the driver/owner, the insured car, and a third party, is essential to avoid any unnecessary difficulty when an accident, theft or hijacking occurs.

Unlike other countries around the world, car insurance is not compulsory in South Africa, which makes it easier to justify not spending money on insurance; however, the fact is that on the road we are not always in total control.

If you are not already insured, it is time to take responsibility for your vehicle, and get insured today. To save up to 30% on insurance, and avoid unnecessarily high premiums, visit our comparative pricing website. All you need to do is enter and submit your details on the site.

After submitting your details you will receive a response within 60 minutes, with quotes from over 7 insurance companies. These quotes will allow you to compare several different types of car insurance, and help you choose the best insurance option for your vehicle- from comprehensive to essential cover, as well as optional cover for accessories.

By visiting our website you are guaranteed to have a choice of the most cost effective options available, so there is no longer an excuse not to get covered!