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Myth or reality – consider the colour of the car you are about to invest in as insurance car companies do take into consideration the colour of the vehicle insured.

A famous quote by the legendary Henry Ford was “Customers can choose any colour of car …as long as it is Black!” An interesting point of view is that car colour affects what you will pay for car insurance premiums every month. Statistics prove that insurance car companies do take into consideration the fact that your car is white, red or black or that your car is painted in a matt finish or if your car is finished in a metallic colour.

Having a green car is considered by many as being unlucky, but perhaps you should also look at other statistics and colours when investing in a vehicle. Insurance car in South Africa do seem to take the colour of the insured vehicle into the equation. This seems to be more the case here than in America, for example.

Darker colours are more expensive to insure in South Africa as are cars that have a metallic paint finishes. Why is this, you may ask yourself. Actuaries have come up with statistics that prove that darker vehicles are involved in more accident claims as they are more difficult to see, whereas a lighter coloured vehicle such as a white car or a silver car is more visible on the roads.

Repairing metallic vehicles is a more costly exercise than repairs on cars that have a matt finish, and white is the easiest colour of all to match up when repairing a vehicle.

Insurance car companies believe the drivers of cars that are red or black seem to lean towards having more aggressive natures, resulting in the drivers of the vehicles to be involved in more accidents, whereas the drivers of green or blue vehicles seem to be more laid back, causing fewer road accidents.

White cars are often the target of theft as they can be repainted quite easily and insurance car houses tend to load the car insurance on white vehicles for this reason.
Obviously colour should not be the only factor to take into consideration when buying that smart new set of wheels – shop around and find out as much information as you can from insurance car companies before making an informed decision.

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