Insurance Quotes

YOU NEED CAR INSURANCE? Apply for car insurance today.

Shop around, cut corners, save your change and get insurance quotes on life, health, car and short term insurance to save money.

The credit crisis that we have lived through over the past couple of months has taught many of us to tread lightly where our money is concerned.

If you are concerned about making your money stretch further, have not had an increase at work for quite a while, but are still too thankful to be holding onto your precious job, then you simple have no choice but to have a good, hard, long look at all your finances, where you can cut corners and where you can save your money. Pennies (or cents) add up making pounds.
Start out by consolidating all your debt – why not put all your debt under one umbrella and pay only one lot of interest a month?

Next, shop around and get different insurance quotes. This way you will be able to save thousands in the long run over a twelve month period. Did you know, for example that you can get a policy where you only pay insurance for the amount of kilometers that you use? If you are one of the lucky few and are able to work from home, it is not necessary to pay for other road users that drive thousand of kilometers every year.

Do your sums and see just how much you will save a year by putting, say, all your R 5.00 coins in a piggy bank – sound silly to you? Well think of it this way. All those precious coins can be put towards your year-end holiday that you will need by the time you get there.
If you shop around for different insurance quotes and you are able to save as little as R20.00 a month, then you will save as much as R2 400 over the period of a year. Yes – that is a lot of money saved every month, by you, over a 12 month period.

If you don’t do take-out food, start buying salad greens and make your own sandwiches for work , you can save up to R40.00 a day, and if you times that by five that is R200.00 a week, R800 a month making this a total of R9 600 a year. That can also go towards your holiday or Christmas presents and you will have a fantastic body to show for it as well!!

Get insurance quotes, consolidate your debt, save your change and pack lunches, walk and get a great body – now that is a good start, n’est pas?