The credit bureau and your rights

Staying abreast of your credit status will not only give you peace of mind when you apply for credit, but will also protect you against fraudsters. As of 1 September, Experian now provides you with a free annual copy of your credit report, provided that you apply in the month of your birth or thereafter.

You can order your Experian credit report by contacting Experian’s Consumer Relations desk on 0861 10 56 65. A credit bureau will be able to provide you with advice and a clear explanation of the information on your credit report, which you are free to query or register as a dispute. The dispute will be investigated and Experian will respond within 20 working days. Should the information prove to be incorrect or unsustainable it will be removed. Should you not be satisfied with the resolution of your query, you may contact the office of the Credit Information Ombud on 0861 66 28 37.

Experian also offers a credit report monitoring service that avails you access to your personal credit information and proactively alerts you to changes on your credit profile. This service will send you an SMS when important changes are reflected on your credit report.