Debt consolidation

The time has come for the Debt Wizard’s to help you. Welcome to the home of the the Wizard debt doctors.

Our Debt Services include:

  • Free Debt Advice
  • 12 month Debt Consolidation Plan (Upfront Service Fee)
  • Provide finance IF and only IF this will assist you in getting out of DEBT

Don’t contact us if you’re just looking for a personal loan, we’re debt consolidation experts and only want to assist people in need!

I need debt counselling or a debt counselor.

Debt Consolidation does not mean running out to the first personal loans company that you see and asking them for R100 000 to pay off your debt.

We know all about it! That’s why we’re here. Every person who works here at the The Debt Doctor has had their fair share of debt problems at some point in their lives. Debt Consolidation and using your home equity and home loan as a form of consolidating your debt is an option that will most likely alleviate or help in relieving certain aspects of your debt.

Bad credit home loans, a thing of the past!

What always amazes me though is how people are so willing to spend money to get themselves out of debt. Why is it that most people, who are already in financial debt, never look at the free and easy ways to remove yourself from debt.

To me, saving money is about not shopping at Woolworths, or buying single ply toilet paper vs. the scented double ply that everyone’s so mad about is a smart way to save money.  However to actually save money I think giving people a list of what to do to save is the way forward.

Now this may sound scary and you may be thinking, “What in the name of DEBT am I doing here”?

Believe you me, it’s why we’re so good at what we do and it’s why The Debt Doctor should be your number one location for Debt Consolidation and Debt Management. Here at the Debt Doctor we believe in one thing and one thing only, A DEBT FREE SOUTH AFRICA FOR ALL.