Debt Counselling

The secret is getting expert debt counselors registered with the National Credit Regulator If you have more debt than you can manage.

Your debt counselor can help you change your monthly installments and if needed, where there is reckless lending by the creditor, cancel a credit agreement.  Debt Counselling can change the term of the loan, get you a better rate and stop legal action from being taken.

Act today to stop the repossession of your house or car. It is a bold step, but the one that will in the long run, be your ally in ensuring that you are credit worthy again.

Once you have been rehabilitated, the record of Debt Counselling is removed from your credit report and this allows you to become credit worthy without any long-term damage to your credit reputation.

The benefits are huge, versus the negatives of judgments and battles in court.

  • So how do you choose a good and qualified debt counsellor?
  • Watch the news and
  • No charges of more than the minimum rate of R350
  • Choose debt counsellors who operate nationally
  • Make sure they are registered with the National Credit Regulator
  • Make sure they are/or partner with a qualified lawyer.
  •  Make sure they use a payment distribution Agency.

How it works:

Once you have been declared over-indebted by the Debt Counsellor,  you will receive a debt restructure plan and they counsellor will then start to negotiate with creditors to lower your debt and improve the situation.

If needed a litigator will be assigned to you, often an in-house person aimed at saving you money and ensuring that your debt counselling case is handled by the same professional from start to finish.

A last thought, is that you keep track of every meeting, email and letter and record what has occurred.  Get your credit status back on track.