Nedbank Home Loan

Just a Special Thanks to Nedbank for allowing us to publish their content!

Choose the freedom of a Nedbank home loan

Nedbank home loan allows you to select the terms you are most comfortable with and has the added benefits of:

  • Competitive rates
  • Superior service through skilled bankers
  • The choice of interest rate options

Select the variable interest rate option and your interest rate will be lined to the prime lending rate, meaning you will benefit from any decreases in the lending rate.

Select a Nedbank home loan fixed-rate option, on the other hand, gives you the certainty of a constant monthly repayment over one, two or five years.

There is Easy access to available funds as well which make your home loan account a kind of savings account.

  • NedRevolve is a convenient Nedbank facility that allows you to deposit surplus funds into your bond account, which reduces your outstanding balance and saves you interest.  These funds can be withdrawn at any time.
  • A Nedbank further loan (readvance) on your existing loan allows you access to the capital amount already paid off on the home loan without having to register a further bond.
  • Initial payment holiday This option is for home buyers that have insufficient funds to apply for property-related costs, but would like an opportunity to buy all those essential household goods.  With this option you can do just that, because your first installment is payable only in month four.
  • Register a higher bond to utilize in the future This convenient option makes it possible for you to access surplus funds at a future date without the inconvenience of registering a second bond or paying additional registration costs.