Standard Bank Home Loan


Standard Bank Lending Rates

This is an updated lending rate image that we got from standard bank. This will allow you to see what you will receive as a Std Bank client and Non Std Bank client when applying for a home loan through Wizard..

Definition of a Further Loan Application:

  • An application to register an additional bond;
  • An application to advance the amount between the registered amount and the loan amount on the existing account (this is known as the future use amount)

The following applications are excluded from these LTV restrictions:

  • A Re-advance – An application for the difference between the Loan Amount and the Balance on the account.
  • A Building Loan – Where a further loan application is received to build a new dwelling from scratch on a vacant stand that is bonded to Standard Bank. New Loans LTV criteria can be applied in this instance.

First Time Buyers Special

Standard Bank have come to the party ladies and gentlemen with a new Std Bank home loans special offering to all first time buyers.

What this special entails:

  • With the first time buyers offering, you now qualify for 100% loan through Std Bank home loans if you are a Std Bank client.
  • Apply for this Std Bank First Time Buyers Special through us today and we’ll make sure that you have a dedicated team of specialists assisting you all the way!


An AccessBond from Standard Bank gives you financial flexibility and offers you the opportunity to access the funds available in your home loan whenever you need them. The funds available in your AccessBond can be used for anything you want. Why not go on that well deserved holiday, do renovations using great discounts from our Lifestyle Choices guide or settle retail accounts.

Extend your Standard Bank home loan term

To make owning a home affordable, you can even extend the repayment term to up to 30 years. This will reduce your monthly repayments, giving you a bit more to spend on other things.

Lifestyle Choices guide

Your home is not just an investment, but a place where memorable moments are created. We know that financing a home is only the first step, but what really counts is turning your dream house into a home. This can become expensive. To make this easier you will also receive our exclusive Lifestyle Choices Guide.

Our Standard Bank Lifestyle Choices Guide includes a collection of some of South Africa’s greatest home and lifestyle specialists. The guide is divided into four sections: architects and builders, exteriors, interiors and travel. It is also packed with amazing discounts on home appliances, paint and other essentials to help make your house a home.