Bond Conveyancing Attorneys

As we know attorney’s play an incredibly big role in the lives of home loans!

Without attorney, bond or conveyancing attorney’s bond transfer and registration is not possible. So with all the restrictions that have been put on estate agents and bond originators with regards to using only one attorney and accepting bribes from other attorney’s I decided to put together a list of attorney’s that we’ve had the pleasure of doing business with and recommending them for others to use.

Most of these attorney’s don’t have website’s, and those that do, don’t know how to use them to their full potential.

Botha and LoveGrove Attorneys

Botha and Lovegrove attorneys is a prefered partner of Wizard Midrand.
Having worked on bonds for the last10 years with Kim Lovegrove and her team, we only expect the best service and delivery and this is exactly what Botha and Lovegrove offer.

Kim Lovegrove and her team offer the following services:

  • Transfer of property
  • Bond applications and registrations
  • Cancellation of existing bonds
  • Property Developments

They are the best bond attorneys in South Africa.

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