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Bond Choice, Best advice for Home Buyers.


Bond Choice, at one stage was the 3rd largest bond origination service in South Africa and  a favourite amongst a lot of the younger Estate Agencies and Home Loans Originators. Founded in 2002 Bond Choice prides themselves on Good Efficient Service and Bank Product knowledge. Bond Choice were part of the National Association of Mortgage Originators and are highly respected in the home loans market.

Bond Choice had over 38 offices located around South Africa, with the majority of their offices in Kwazulu Natal.

Following the sale of NBS Homeloans by BoE to First National Bank in March 2002, the two banking groups forged an agreement to establish an independent mortgage origination company, which led to the formation of Bond Choice.

Bond Choice was formed because there was a gap in the market for a bond originator that could offer home buyers good advice and top class service nationally, at no extra cost.

Integral to Bond Choice’s success was that the company enjoyed sound business partnerships with all major banks.
Bond Choice do offer a package called Bondability. BondAbility is an Insurance Plan that has been designed to provide flexible risk benefits in respect of Home Loan Protection. BondAbility provides the homeowner with the ability to maintain their monthly installments in the event of disability and illness and ensures that the family home remains exactly that in the event of death.

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