Loanlink, Finex, Quantro and Wizard

LoanLink Broker Services

Other bond originators include:
SA Homeloans
Mortgage SA, ooba
Bond Choice
Wizard Home Loans

merged with Ooba in 2007.

To create sustainable welfare or all our stakeholders by being the financial intermediary of choice.

Loanlink’s advice and service fees are free and offered by their international network of owner-operated franchises, independencies and in-house mobile lenders.
Loanlink are a quality driven group offering clients the most suitable home loan and other related financial intermediary services through: a highly trained and motivated sales force. Loanlink strive on efficient sales support and support services.

Loanlink are amongst the larger major companies who enjoy direct contractual relationships with all 4 of the major banks. The only other groups that offer these benefits are MSA, Betterbond and Bondchoice. Each does have their very own distinctive business model.

In the case of Loa Link, they keep the relationship with the banks positive; quality origination is their main objective which combines to give effect to their goal of building a sustainable business and business model.

 Finex – Loanlink Group

Finex represents the latest development in mortgage origination. Established in 2003 for the specific purpose of providing home buyers with a comprehensive origination service. Good advice and expertise are essentials for any Finex consultant. The mobile consultant model employed by FINEX has its foundation in the belief that comprehensive advice is simply not possible through telephonic or other remote communication channels.

Finex consultants are expected to arrange personal appointments with every prospective client to allow them to really understand your requirements and to provide the expected levels of advice and assistance.

While Finex had concluded agreements to provide origination services for certain selected estate agents and developers, the focus of the Finex consultant will always be to provide its clients with exceptional service and advice. As part of the international LoanLink group, Finex have built up strong and favorable relationships with major financial institutions. The importance and strength of those connections do not however compromise the group’s independence and non-aligned position. As such our objectivity remains focused on providing all our existing and prospective clients with financial solutions appropriate to their particular circumstances.

Loanlink Business Choice Awards 2007

Consultant certificates:

  • Gold Certificate: Registrations in excess of R100 million in a year
    • Lynette Walters –  Wizard, Bellville Home Loans
    • Shirley Pretorius – Wizard, Vereeniging Home Loans
    • Christien du Plessis – Wizard, Witbank Home Loans
    • Lynne Roberts – Wizard, Midrand Home Loans
    • Issie le Sueur – Wizard, Brits Home Loans
    • Derick Nel – Quantro, East Rand Home Loans
  • Diamond Certificate: Registrations in excess of R250 million in a year
    • Omar Imraan – Wizard, Durban Home Loans
    • Nicolette Marais – Wizard, Panorama Home Loans

Macro Franchises:
Wizard, Bellville Home Loans
Quantro, East Rand Home Loans
Wizard, Vereeniging Home Loans
Wizard, Somerset West Home Loans
Wizard, Panorama Home Loans

Wizard Admin Person of the year
Delia Visser – Wizard, Fourways Home Loans

Quantro Admin Person of the year
Annamarie Pienaar  – Quantro, East Rand Home Loans

LoanLink Unit Sales Awards
LoanLink Small Franchise, Unit Sales Award
Wizard, Algoa Home LoansLoanLink Medium Franchise, Unit Sales Award
Quantro, Boland Home LoansLoanLink Large Franchise, Unit Sales Award
Quantro, Garden Route Home LoansLoanLink Total Unit Sales Award
Wizard, Somerset West Home Loans

LoanLink Quality Award
Wizard, Durbell Home Loans




Wizard Small, Medium & Large Franchise Consultant of the yearQuantro Consultant of the Year
Wizard Small Franchise Consultant of the Year
Corne le Roux, Wizard, Algoa BondsWizard Medium Franchise Consultant of the Year
Issie le Sueur, Wizard, Brits BondsWizard Large Franchise Consultant of the Year
Omar Imraan, Wizard, Durban Bonds

Quantro Consultant of the Year
Derick Nel, Quantro, East Rand Bonds

LoanLink Consultant of the year
Nicolette Marais, Wizard Panorama Bonds

LoanLink Rookie Franchise of the year
Wizard, Oostenberg Bonds

Wizard Small, Medium & Large Franchise of the year
Quantro Franchise of the yearSmall Franchise of the Year
Wizard, Plettenberg Bay BondsMedium Franchise of the Year
Wizard, Welkom BondsQuantro Franchise of the Year
Quantro, Garden Route Bonds

Large Franchise of the Year:
Wizard, Durban Bonds

LoanLink  Franchise of the year
Wizard, Panorama Bonds
Wizard, Somerset West Bonds

Wizard Franchises

Wizard Brooklyn isa Wizard franchise based in the Brooklyn area in Pretoria.

Quantro – Loanlink Group


Quantro Home Loans was established in 2000 and is known for their reliable service. Since its inception into the LoanLink group, the company has adapted its business model – Quantro is focused on delivering excellent home loan services.

Through its network of owned franchises, clients can receive the benefit of dealing with an entrepreneurial spirited company. Quantro’s licensing model allows businesses that do not have mortgage origination as their primary business, to still offer their clients the benefit of conveniently arranging a home loan through parties who they’ve established relationships with.

By carefully selecting both franchisee’s and licensee’s, and by providing exceptional processing capabilities, Quantro can offer its clients a consistent level of service and convenience. Ongoing attention to training ensures that the Quantro network remains fully informed of the latest offering in the market and provide the level of information and advice that you deserve.

Loanlink Group

LoanLink Broker Services through its Wizard brand offers people the opportunity of becoming involved in a vibrant and dynamic franchise network.


Obviously before anybody decides to invest in any business you need to be happy that you’re working with a reputable bunch of guys. Wizard started around four years ago and is the only originator to offer a true franchise opportunity. The company is a member of FASA (Franchise Association of South Africa) and was recognized as a finalist  in FASA’s franchiser of the year awards in 2003. Wizard is a nationally recognized brand and is one of the leading bond origination companies in South Africa.


Each Wizard Franchise is established as a separate legal entity owned by the franchisee but trades as Wizard in a particular area. Loanlink carefully selects their franchise locations as overtrading in an area can not only jeopardize the business name but also prevents franchisees from making the money they should be making. Due to the nature of the business, mortgage origination has to be the primary activity of the business before any qualification for a franchise will be considered. The franchiser retains a management fee, together with a marketing levy which is utilized to develop awareness of the brand. To prevent over expansion and misuse of the brand, an initial amount is charged to acquire the franchise for which the franchisee will receive assistance in setting up his or her operation. Craning and guidance is provided by Loanlink to help develop your business and promote the Wizard brand.


Loanlink / Wizard are looking for well motivated individuals who’s main ambition in life is to SELL! Wizard thrive on good service so impeccable manners and good service skills are essential. Potential Franchisees must be entrepreneurs with a keen eye for finances. The intention is that the owner should be actively involved in the running of the business. From our experience this is the best way to ensure the success of the venture. Knowledge of the residential property market and/or financing would be an advantage but is not essential if the prospective franchisee possess the correct selling attributes.

The intention of the franchiser is to ensure that a successful sales orientated person should not be burdened by administrative demands. The processing centers have been put in place to support the franchisee and allow them to focus exclusively on the successful development of their business.


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