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As you may or may not have heard, Mortgage SA rebranded. To the name OOBA. An interesting name and an interesting strategy considering the Mortgage SA name brand being so well known and recognized. So we ask ourselves, WHY OOBA and why the change of strategy….? Well I think it’s pretty simple. OOBA gives mortgage sa another chance to target new clients. A new branding strategy and a new way to market younger, new home loan folk. They also look like they’re slowly but surely moving into the financing arena, meaning they now provide financial services such as the OOBA card, OOBA insurance and OOBA mortgages.

Lets see what the OOBA brand brings Wizard Loans.

Wizard and proud member of the OOBA FAMILY.

Mortgage SA, South Africa’s original home loan origination company is also the leading mortgage originators in South Africa. MortgageSA currently places one in every five mortgages.

Having registered nearly one hundred billion rands worth of mortgages, MortgageSA is one of the few full service mortgage originators in South Africa. Mortgage SA have over 500 sales staff and is the mortgage originator of choice for over 17 500 affiliated estate agents. They also boast a massive 6 900 realtor offices throughout Southern Africa.

In 2004 they were rated South Africa’s top non-listed company. Mortgage SA run their entire network and systems off of the Oracle database. If you’re interested in reading the implementation of MortgageSA, Oracle system see the attached documents.

Insurance and Financial

Mortgage SA offer a huge variety of mortgage origination, insurance and financial services. These services include:
MortgageSA’s building insurance – buildings insurance to protect your new home is an essential requirement to securing your home loan. Banks will grant a home loan without proof that adequate buildings insurance cover is in place.
MortgageSA’s mortgage protection plan – In case of death or disability MortgageSA covers your home for up to R1.25 million.
Financial planning services – Financial consultants to offer financial advice to South African’s looking for a home loan.
Short term insurance – Using external insurance consultants to help with short term insurance cover.

Pam Golding & Mortgage SA 

Emerging as the largest residential real estate group in SA, Pam Golding sells everything from hotels to farms and even has a foot in the competitive property auction market. Founded in 1976 Pam Golding now has more than 250 offices and currently employs nearly 2000 estate agents in South Africa. Pam Golding sold in excess of R15 billion worth of properties in 2006. They are the market leaders in South African property sales and currently set the trends for any new property developments in South Africa.

Pam Golding being such a massive force in the real estate industry in SA do manage to drive more than 50% of Mortgage SA’s business. This makes them a pretty competitive force to recon with considering the large of of sales.

Are Mortgage SA the mortgage originators of the future. How will Mortgage SA expand on their empire?

ooba the old Mortgage SA Contact Details

Cape Town Mortgage and Home Loan Corporate Headquarters:

Physical Address:
8th Floor, MortgageSA House,
33 Bree Street
Cape Town

Postal Address:
P O Box 1535
Cape Town