Other Local Bond originators

Online Bond Aggregators

This section is dedicated to the many online mortgage originators, bond originators, Evo and bond aggregators otherwise known as lead generators in South Africa. With the internet market being such a competitive place especially in the mortgage industry local companies have started coming to the fore. Interestingly enough it’s not the BIG mortgage origination companies though, it’s one man shows who know a little bit more about the wonderful world of SEO than most others…So in no special order and you can just apply online here

Property Loans (propertyloans.co.za) – These guys know what they’re doing. Ranked pretty much number 1 for every competitive term in South Africa, Property Loans are the number 1 online mortgage originator in South Africa. Not much is known about the Property Loan boys and who they do their bond applications through but they’re definitely a force to be reckoned with. Property Loans are also known as Mortgage Innovations S.A.

Bonds Africa (bondsafrica.co.za) – Another bond aggregator rated pretty highly in the online world is starting to make tracks around South Africa with their Bond Africa smart cars all beautifully branded. Bonds Africa finance loans through all 4 of South Africa’s major banks and apparently are starting to finance housing in the U. K.

Bank Bonds (bankbonds.co.za) – Quite the bog player in the online market but not so sure how Bank Bonds are locally. Bank Bonds not really bond originators but more aggregators.

Inter Bond (interbond.co.za) – Another aggregator that popped up when the bond origination business was booming in South Africa. Inter Bond may be active online but their site is out of date with interest rates sitting at 14%, mmm… not so trust worthy by the looks of things.

GPF Mortgage / Global Property (globalproperty.co.za) – Global mortgage are pretty high on the online property list. Reason being, they were the first of the non major bond origination groups to register with a South African affiliate program known as OfferForge.

Bond Shark (bondshark.co.za) – New comers on the block and the second bunch to follow suit of Mortgage SA, Bond Shark have now joined affiliate network TrafficSynergy.