Home loan documents – Send us your documents online

Get your home loan today!Your originator will always ask for ALL the documents needed, but sometimes credit managers at banks may ask for more. This is a comprehensive list of all documents that will be required – so rather send them all immediately and at the same time, than wait for a lender to ask for something else which will delay your application – so we look for a one touch approach, so that we can deliver the results quickly. Send them to us electronically and lets remain green and paper free.

For All Applicants

1. Property Application Form – please complete with personal details and work details.

2. income and expenses – Essential that you sign only, we will fill in for you.

3. DEA Consent Form – complete and sign with banking details for obtaining account statements from financial institutions

4. Credit Check Authority – allowing a credit check to be done as part of your application – this is a free credit report

5. Offer to Purchase or Deed of Sale – Signed (If you want a free one click here)

For Employed Persons

6. Copy of id – for all applicants

7. Last three pay slips – for all applicants ( if you earn commission or overtime send the last 6 payslips)

8. Three months banking statements for all applicants showing last 3 salary deposits

9. either Title deed of property /proof of bond free property or Offer to purchase (5 above)

10. Copy of water and lights – rates and taxes account

or For Self Employed Persons

All the above plus

11. Three months business bank statements

12. CK1 or CM24

13. Letter from auditor stating monthly take home income of individual

14. 3 years audited financials

15. Last un-audited management accounts from last audited financials

Building Loans
Building loans require more documents

If you are doing a Building Bond also required is:

16. Building contract between you and the builder.

17. NHBRC certificate of the builder.

18. Approved plans.

19. Detailed tender and prices/Schedule of finishes


20. Passport

21. Work Permits

22.  Residence permits

23. Employment Contracts