Types Of Homeloans

So with all the different type of home loans or as we call it mortgage loans out there, it becomes impossible to work with these mortgage loan types day in and day out; so for the normal person buying a property or building on their existing property, they haven’t a clue!  So here are the answers.  If stuck  please click on the FAQ HELP button on the left and we will get you a full answer.

What is a mortgage loan? Mortgage loans, otherwise known as, Bonds, Home Loans, Homeloans, Home Financing, buy-to-let, residential homeloan, refinance, further loan, Mortgages and Credit. The definition I’ve managed to get from the Wizard Mortgage Team was

“Finance provided by the banks or finance lenders for the purchase of real estate. This finance is to be paid at a certain interest rate over a defined period of time”.

These are the types of mortgages and mortgage loans offered by various South African banks. You’ll see a lot of the banks will have the same type of loan just with a different marketing spin to it. Yes believe it or not those marketing GURU’s at ‘Standard Bank’ are working their butts of to come up with some good products and product names, and they change all the time 😉

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