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Very often confused with Time Sharing, Fractional Ownership is the joint ownership of an asset with high monetary value with shares and costs split amongst shareholders. The main difference between Fractional Ownership and Time Sharing is that Fractional Ownership an investment into a “property” or “real estate investment” versus Time Sharing being an investment in a resort.

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Fractional Ownership is now the fastest growing sector in the South African Real Estate industry. Getting a home loan for a fractional ownership investment is pretty easy too. However with the national credit act in place each person in the ownership investment now needs to qualify individually. What’s so great about this relatively new entrant in the Real Estate market is that it allows people to own those exlusive properties that were previously out of reach. It’s no longer worth your while buying that second property just for holidays especially when you only use it once a year. Invest in a place, that’s owned and shared by various people. This way the responsiblity of the place is not all yours, it’ll be used all year round, and if you don’t use it, you can sell your months investment to tourists making yourself some extra cash.


Fractional Ownership vs. Time Sharing

Fractional Ownership

With fractional ownership normal bond transfer and registration costs apply.
Your ownership is REAL. You’ve actually invested into a property. There is a maximum of 13 people that are allowed to go in together, in other words, 13 partners. What this in effect gives you is 1 month a year. 4 weeks per share.
You find fractional onwership type investments in areas such as: Costal Regions, Bushveld Investments and Golf resorts.

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Time Sharing

Time Sharing has astronomically high marketing costs, which are generally hidden from you until you invest. Then they wack you with a bill of extra charges and costs.
Time Sharing resell value has dropped considerably in South Africa.
You’re buying a week or two in a resort, it’s a resort holiday.
A thing of the past, Fractional Ownership is the latest and greatest thing in Real Estate

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