Further Loans

What is a further loan?

Are you in DEBT? Are you wondering how you’re going to pay off that those ever increasing credit facilities you have?

Further loans are the answer!!! Now before I go off and sell you a further loan, let me explain to you why increasing you bond and using capital in your bond account is the answer to killing off debt.

With vehicle finance you’re paying massive interest! Vehicles are not assets and decreasing in value each time you drive it out of your garage.

Credit Card’s are amongst the highest interest charges in the credit market at the moment.

Personal loans, at 42% interest, don’t even argue, this is a killer.

So, why is a home loan the best account to use to save money! Home loan accounts are sitting at 15.5% interest. That’s pretty low interest if you compare it to the above examples. At the same time a home loan account can be as a savings or cheque account, read our article on saving money using your home loan access facility.

By using your home loan as a debt consolidation account, you’re able to control the interest rate that you’re being charged on fees outstanding PLUS, you have all your income available in your biggest asset!!! YOUR HOME LOAN.

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