Second Time Home Loans Buyers

Buying Your Second Home

I bet if you’re a bond orginator and you’re reading this you’re going to laugh. How many times do people as you for costs inclusive in a bond application???? Every time???? But wait, how many of those people are first time buyers?

You see the trick to applying for a home loan when you already own a property is not to ask for costs! By doing this, the bank immediately puts a red alert flag on the application. Why? Well the answer is easy. If you have enough money to own one house, keep that house and apply for funding on a second property, why do you not have enough funding to cover the transfer and registration costs.

Personally, if you don’t have enough money to cover these costs than don’t buy your second home. It’s very seldom and becoming very rare to get costs included in a bond that’s not for a first time buyer. In fact the only bank that will consider giving costs on a second time home purchase is Standard Bank.