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Get your home loan today!So what can I afford?  You may ask yourself.

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Well we all know why affordability is the most important section in the home loan part of our site. You will know if you can afford the home loan you want. Affordability is a major concern for South Africans with the new credit act and the demand for credit. People who could afford those home loans no longer have the finances according to credit bureaus and new regulations. If you’re unsure as to the workings of the new credit act, come and check out the Credit Act Portal. See the different home loan calculators;

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a) Home Loan Affordability Calculator

b) Additional Home Loan Cost Calculator (all those hidden costs)
c) Home Loan Savings Calculator

We’ve also got the world’s quickest online bond application form. I’m not kidding people.  This ones quick, it’s easy and it’s an online application form that will make you want to come back and apply again. Home Loan Affordability it’s the new BUZZ word!