Fnb Personal Loans

Loans between R1 000 and R150 000 with up to 60 months to pay.

What this allows me to do:

Take-a-break in January from repaying your installment
Settle your account early or make additional payments without any penalties
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Personal loans from FNB are created and designed to assist the client to improve their lot in life; the loan can be used to consolidate debts, for home improvements, or for anything else for that matter.

In other words, if it is cash that you need, then take out a personal loan from FNB.

When taking out FNB personal loans, the bank will view your personal profile; you would then be able to qualify for anything from R 2000.00 upwards, all dependent on your profile and credit history.

Payment periods for an FNB personal loan can be anything from six to sixty months, but this can be negotiated to suit your individual circumstances. The beauty about an FNB loan is that it is flexible when it comes to the repayments, which are automatically deducted from your account via debit order for convenience.



Before you start: Click here to order your credit report now


What documents do I need?

    • Valid Green bar coded South African ID
    • 1 month’s payslip / 4 monthly payslip (if paid fortnightly or weekly)
    • 3 month’s bank statement for non-FNB customers
    • If Self employed 6 months bank statements
    • Proof of residence

There is also insurance that will cover job losses or death, should the loan holder not be able to honour the debt; when taking out an FNB personal loan, it is always advisable to select insurance to cover the unforeseen. A decision does not have to decided upon immediately, as the quotation for the amount holds for a ten day period.

Applying online for an FNB personal loan is an easy process which can be done online, but if this makes you uncomfortable in any way the helpful staff at your nearest FNB branch will be able to assist; visit your nearest branch to-day.

The Christmas period and December holidays is always heavy on the budget, therefore FNB have built in a perk whereby you get a little respite during that period and have a break from paying your installment in January.

FNB account holders are offered lower interest rates on their FNB personal loans.

FNB does not stipulate what you ought to be using the loan for or restrict you in any way at all regarding your FNB personal loan.

Take the pressure off by visiting FNB online right away for your FNB personal loanit will make life that little bit easier for you and your loved ones.