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Loans up to R300 000 with 60 month payment plans.

Personal loans from FNB are created and designed to assist the client to improve their lot in life; the loan can be used to consolidate debts, for home improvements, or for anything else for that matter.

In other words, if it is cash that you need, then take out a personal loan from FNB.

When taking out FNB personal loans, the bank will view your personal profile; you would then be able to qualify for anything from R 2000.00 upwards, all dependent on your profile and credit history.

Payment periods for an FNB personal loan can be anything from six to sixty months, but this can be negotiated to suit your individual circumstances. The beauty about an FNB loan is that it is flexible when it comes to the repayments, which are automatically deducted from your account via debit order for convenience.


Before you start: Click here to order your credit report now

What documents do I need?

    • Valid Green bar coded South African ID
    • 1 month’s payslip / 4 monthly payslip (if paid fortnightly or weekly)
    • 3 month’s bank statement for non-FNB customers
      • If Self employed 6 months bank statements
    • Proof of residence

There is also insurance that will cover job losses or death, should the loan holder not be able to honour the debt; when taking out an FNB personal loan, it is always advisable to select insurance to cover the unforeseen. A decision does not have to decided upon immediately, as the quotation for the amount holds for a ten day period.

Applying online for an FNB personal loan is an easy process which can be done online, but if this makes you uncomfortable in any way the helpful staff at your nearest FNB branch will be able to assist; visit your nearest branch to-day.

The Christmas period and December holidays is always heavy on the budget, therefore FNB have built in a perk whereby you get a little respite during that period and have a break from paying your installment in January.

FNB account holders are offered lower interest rates on their FNB personal loans.

FNB does not stipulate what you ought to be using the loan for or restrict you in any way at all regarding your FNB personal loan.

Take the pressure off by visiting FNB online right away for your FNB personal loan; it will make life that little bit easier for you and your loved ones.

The Loan Offering

With an FNB Personal Loan, you can now get money to reach your goals. The application process is quite straight-forward – simply click on the apply button and get the funding you need today for great value from FNB.


  • FNB Personal Loan
  • FNB Customer Protection Plan (CPP)

FNB Personal Loan Features

  • Get an FNB Personal Loan of up to R300 000 to cover expenses that are both planned and unplanned
  • With an FNB Personal Loan, you are not restricted in the way in which you use your money – do with your personal loan whatever you want, whether it is for that much-needed holiday break, or to pay for a wedding
  • FNB has the perfect credit solution for your every need


  • Choose your loan amount + term
  • You will have the freedom to choose a loan for up to R300 000
  • Pay your loan off over one to 60 months
  • Budgeting is easy as you have a fixed amount that you pay off each month
  • Because the loan has a fixed interest rate means that this also includes no changes in fees and charges
  • Fixed rates will not change until the entire loan has been repaid; a fixed interest rate means that you are protected from any and all interest hikes
  • With your FNB Personal Loan you will be able to boost your eBucks Rewards Levels
  • The interest rate on your FNB Personal Loan is tailored just for you (personalised interest rate)
  • Take a payment holiday in January (this applies to loans with a 6-month term or longer)
  • There are no penalties for loans that have been settled early
  • Credit insurance will ensure that your loan amount is covered, as in life you never know what awaits around the corner

FNB Customer Protection Plan (CPP)

  • In the event of your death, permanent or temporary disability, unemployment or inability to earn an income, the FNB Customer Protection Plan (CPP) will ensure that you are taken care of
  • Alternatively, you may cede a suitable credit life insurance policy if you wish to use your own insurance
  • Credit insurance is mandatory if you are repaying your loan
  • Terms, conditions, and rules apply

Debt consolidation with an FNB Personal Loan

  • Gain control over your credit with a Personal FNB Loan by consolidating your debt
  • Credit Switch enables you to consolidate the debt that you have with various credit providers into one convenient Personal Loan
  • This way you will benefit from lower monthly repayments and also gain more control over your financial obligations by paying one interest amount
  • The fuss dealing with multiple credit providers is eliminated
  • Manage your money smarter and watch it go further by switching your credit to FNB today
  • FNB will manage the process for you

Switch and save today with your FNB Personal Loan to make your debt repayments a fuss-free, user-friendly experience.