Standard Bank Personal Loans

Standard Bank has its footprint in seventeen African countries and twenty one locations spread across the globe. With this type of global presence they would be well versed and quite adequately equipped to offer you, the client, a Standard Bank personal loan.

Listed here are some pertinent features of Standard Bank personal loans:

Standard Bank personal loans are designed in such a way that you will be able to make large payments, such as purchasing furniture etc.  Expect interest rates to fluctuate.

Repayments are paid back at a fixed rate, even in the event of the interest rates changing. The benefits are that you would have easy access to extra funds and the period of repaying your personal loan will be negotiated by you.

A Standard Bank personal loan will give you peace of mind, and all personal loans are tailor-made to suit the individual’s needs and requirements.

There are two different types of personal loans that are on offer by Standard Bank. They are the Revolving Credit Plan and The Way to Pay loans. The Revolving Credit Plan offers credit with a fixed installment with no fixed repayment time limit.

You will be permitted to borrow once you have paid off 15% of the loan.

With this plan you are permitted to borrow between one and 3.5 times your gross salary. The amount lent to you will be dependent on how much you take home at the end of the month, as well as  your credit history. You will have to furnish the bank with all your personal details, such as proof of residence; your race and gender will also be taken into account.

For this personal loan, the minimum amount borrowed is R3 500.00 and the maximum amount would be R 100 000.00.

The Way to Pay Standard Bank personal loans is a once-off loan that has fixed installments that you will be able to pay back within a specified short period of time. This loan is perfect for those of you who are borrowing for the first time, and also for smaller amounts borrowed.

If it is immediate finance you require why delay any longer? Contact Standard Bank now for a personal loan by filling in an online application.

Other Std Bank personal loan offerings

Revolving credit plan – Not your average personal loan finance.

The personal term loan – Loans from R500 to R40 000. Easy payment terms.