Wizard Money

Tell me this is not the kind of place that we all dream of going to one day! If you’ve been on an island holiday, well you’ll know what I’m talking about. This is what I call “Financial Paradise” possibly even “financial freedom“. It’s a big term and most people are actually either too scared to embrace it or afraid of changing the way they work to get there.

With Wizard’s core business focus being home loans, it’s part of our duty as a financial’s company to provide you with good sound financial advice. With the National Credit Act that’s come into play, it’s pretty obvious that South African’s are just living on credit!

So we’ve put a finance and financial’s section together for you. It will contain links and lists of good financial sites, tips and advice on banks, bank accounts, bank costs and fees, insurance companies and so forth all in aid of helping you (Hopefully our clients or potential clients):

  1. Save Money

Unit Trust

Save money, invest in your future, let unit trusts and wizard unit trusts lead the way!


Wizard Forex offers a fantastic selection of money and forex related services. Whether it’s forex, money transfers of forex trading that you’re looking for, then come on in.

Bridging Finance

Ever wondered how you can afford those bond costs and transfer duty costs. Look no further. Wizard Midrand now offers bridging finance.

South African Banks

Will S.A.’s Big 4 banks ever get knocked off their pedestals. Here you will find a list of South African banks with all their current home loan specials and offers available to the public. Click here for SA’s bank page.

Money Transfer

With markets as volatile as they are and moving money in and out of your country being such a troublesome and teadious task, why not let Wizard Money is association with HSBC bank and MoneyTransfer do this for you.

Real Estate Fractional Ownership Investment Clubs

The time has come. Property prices are sky high. First time buyers are finding it more and more difficult to invest in property. Well look no further. Fractional Ownership offers people the chance to invest in a piece of paradise for a fraction of the cost.