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It’s quite funny actually. When I first searched for banks on Google guess who popped up. Good old Tyra Banks. Now even though this section has nothing to do with this beautiful lady, I believe that the picture of Tyra will hopefully grab your attention for long enough to take a browse though our banking section on the Wizard Home loans.

Banking in South Africa has always been very undermined. It’s a particularly big and thriving industry and it’s worth a dedication.

Here we have as much information about as many banks and banking institutions in South Africa as possible.

Just a special thanks so far to Nedbank for allowing us to publish their monthly newsletter online. Hopefully there will be some exciting stuff appearing soon in this section.

South African Banking Institutions

FNB Bank – First National Bank, a division of FirstRand Bank Limited, How can we help you?

ABSA Bank – We have created a new ABSA bank section to our site. This is filled with wonderful ABSA goodies ranging from ABSA home loans to personal loans to credit cards, so please come on it.

Nedbank – Nedbank, are they the corporate boys of the banking world? Make things happen!

Standard Bank – Standard Bank were one of the first banks to support then drop, then support bond originators.