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As one of the first banks in South Africa, I believe that First National Bank otherwise known as Eerste Nationale Bank has come to be one of the darlings of South Africa’s financial companies. Previously having been known as a bank for the old school South African  FNB Bank is know one of the most under-valued banking shares on the JSE. With a big focus on the lower income market they certainly have improved both their image and service.

Fnb Bank Home Loans – A fantastic revival of home loans and the home loan industry in South Africa. A couple of months ago we were slating FNB home loans for being backwards and slow, now I see them as the leaders in the home loan industry in South Africa. For more information on their home loan offerings, click here for FNB home loans.

Fnb Bank Personal Loans – Fnb bank personal loans division is a fantastic group of guys that are able to provide personal loans of up to 60 months. They’ve got some great offerings such as a revolving loan, an easy loan and temporary loans. For more on FNB’s personal loans please, click here for FNB personal loans.

Fnb Bank Credit Cards – Something new that we’ve introduced at Wizard is a new credit card division. We will be promoting various banking institutions in terms of their credit card offerings as this is a massive financial sector in South Africa. The aim is that we’d prefer to give you an option of what’s available in South Africa before you go and throw money away. Here we have some information on FNB Bank credit card offerings. Click here for FNB credit cards.

Unfortunately you cannot apply for a FNB Bank credit card through us as yet.