Standard Bank

Standard Bank LogoWelcome to the new and improved Standard Bank section on the Wizard Money section of our site. It’s now been close to 3 years since we’ve updated the site and our services and offerings have nearly quadrupled in size.

Along with this we have become one of South Africa’s leading online market places for information pertaining to the banks, financial institutions and offerings so we need to try and keep this more constant and more informative for our consumers.

Std Bank Home Loans – Having started off as a home loans and bond origination company, it’s obvious that we would have a Standard Bank home loan service offering. For more information on the Std Bank home loans offering, check out the Std Bank section we have here… Std Bank home loans.

Standard Bank Personal Loans – For some reason South African find that they need to constantly apply for personal loans. Although we at Wizard do not condone personal loans as a means of getting yourself out of debt, we are not financial advisers and hence won’t be preaching. Here we have a breakdown of the offerings that Standard Bank have with regards to personal loans.

Standard Bank Credit Cards – Something new that we’ve introduced at Wizard is a new credit card division. We will be promoting various banking institutions in terms of their credit card offerings as this is a massive financial sector in South Africa. We also don’t want you applying for something without having research it a little first. Here we have some information on Std Bank’s credit card offerings.