Forex Trading


Just call us or email us and we will do the rest……

We and our partners have been providing financial solutions since 2000. Our commitment to providing both innovative and comprehensive currency transfer solutions has resulted in us becoming one of South Africa’s foremost experts in the field of foreign exchange.

Our money transfers, into and out of South Africa, are done in strict accordance with money laundering and exchange control regulations; and all our transactions are audited in terms of license and banking requirements.

And the benefits of using us:

No fees – No service fees, no ad­min fees.

Safety of funds – All our partners are FSB registered and have Fidelity In­surance. No third party bank accounts.

Better rate – We typically save you between 1.5% and 3% on retail bank rates.

The way we achieve this is simple. The currency rate offered by commercial banks will be the “retail rate” and an administration charge will generally be levied. Of course with us all transactions are handled separately but they are all viewed to be under our um­brella – providing you with the benefit of bulk buying.

Private banking experience –Real people, no call centres. We visit you where it suits you or you can come to our offices. We’ll watch the rate for you and trade for you on your instruction. The rate you agree to is the rate you get.

Easy FICA registration – We make the Fica registra­tion stress free and uncompli­cated.

Just call us or email us and we will do the rest……

We can help with…

• Companies and individuals transferring funds into or out of South Africa

• Individuals utilising their lifetime capital allowance

• Discretionary travel allowances

• Giving monetary gifts abroad

• Emigrant allowances

• Money transfers for property purchase

• Immigrants transferring funds to and from South Africa

• Temporary residents and non-residents transfer­ring capital into or out of South Africa

Here is how  it works!