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Transferring funds in and out of countries;

Money transfers SA
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We are pleased to offer professional, efficient and cost-effective money transfer service to individuals and corporations needing to buy or sell currency on an international level. With years of experience and a dedicated team, let us take the worry out of your currency transaction.

Immigrating? Purchasing Property Abroad? Buying Luxury Goods?

Fuss no more. Wizard Money along with various partners including Western Union brings the ease of money transfer to South Africa and money transfer from South Africa.

Going through the high street banks of the world may not always be the best way of doing this and clients can actually lose up to 4% of what they are sending on the exchange rate alone. Along with this the bank charges extra commissions and transfer fees on all wire transfers.

So you say to yourself, what’s 3%? If you are transferring $1,000,000, WORK IT OUT! This is where Wizard Money comes into play.

How are our global partners able to get a better rate on wire transfers?

Our partners are specialists in the currency exchange markets and can save you time and money on all your foreign currency payments. Our partners deal in bulk volume which enables them to access wholesale rates of exchange, ensuring that they pass those savings onto you and your clients.

How does it work?

Our partners secure a rate of exchange with the client, so they know exactly what to pay in their own currency. YOU simply do a local transfer from your bank to our partners client account with HSBC in your own currency. Once we have received your currency, payment is automatically sent to the account along with swift copy and reference.

Security on your funds

HSBC Bank Plc: HSBC Bank Plc provides us with their banking and treasury services worldwide. All funds are held in secure segregated client accounts at HSBC. Payments are all tracked using a highly sophisticated payment tracking system by HSBC, ensuring that the party receiving your money have proof that funds are on their way and can identify your funds as quickly as possible.

Why use us:

  • Superior commercial exchange rates No money transfer fees or commissions
  • HSBC Payment tracking confirmations
  • Your own personal dealer in the UK or at one of our International Branches
  • Regular monthly payments at commercial exchange rates
  • Forward buying – facility to protect you against negative fluctuations in the rate, buy pre-fixing the exchange rate in advance for your future payments you could save thousands
  • Limit orders “buy when the rates are high”.

Are you looking to send money abroad from South Africa?

If you need to send money to an account overseas, we can facilitate a secure wire transfer at an excellent exchange rate. Low cost money transfers is our expertise, so get in touch with us if you are:

  • Buying property
  • Investing abroad
  • Emigrating
  • Importing or exporting
  • Making regular payments
  • Sending your salary
  • Funding repatriation

Simply fill in the no obligation form on the right a consultant will contact you.

Globalfundi’s professional wire transfer services

Our finance/forex consultants can help you with your transactions – making this process simple, efficient, convenient and secure! With our professional online services we can save you money on your transfer.

  • Competitive exchange rates, that usually beat the rates offered by banks
  • Secure transactions
  • Forex packages tailored for your needs
  • International leading global partners
  • No transfer fees or hidden costs
  • Direct access to advice from expert consultants
  • No levy on your fees (banks most often charge a levy on transfer fees)
  • A fully online trackable process (you can track you transfer through the entire process)

With a wealth of experience in online money transfers, we understand the importance of a fast and efficient serviceWe guarantee that all payments are made on time and are provided by a friendly but professional currency specialist.

Simply fill in the no obligation form on the right a consultant will be in touch soon.

Read enough and ready to send – simply fill in the no obligation form in the right margin and get the ball rolling! A consultant will contact you and get your process on its way.

Looking for some more information – read below for information on our specialized money transfer service for diplomats in South Africa or scroll to the end of this page for country-specific information.

Money transfer service for diplomats in South Africa

Money transfer services for diplomats – Globalfundi offers specialized service to diplomats in South Africa as well as South African diplomats abroad. Offerring a comprehensive and dedicated service for money transfers across borders.

Country-specific information

UAE, GCC, South Africa, Namibia, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, France, Australia, Canada, Send money to India.

Money transfers UAE

Send money to UAE – Working in a GCC country and wanting to send money home – use Globalfundi’s money transfer services. Find out more on money transfers to and from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain or Send MONEY INTERNATIONALLY from anywhere in the world! Find out about the GCC and how to send money around the world!

Money Transfers Africa

Sending money in or out of Africa! Be it for work, home, investment of holiday Globalfundi online secure money transactions, money transfers can help you with a cost effective, secure and convenient way of transferring your money internationally – within the continent or abroad! Southern Africa (Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland, etc), West Africa (Ghana, Morocco etc), East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania etc), Northern Africa (Egypt etc).

Send money directly to Namibia. Sending money for investment, property, travel or tourism, regular payments, travel and tourism or any other reason. Globalfundi offers money transfers directly to and from Namibia! Check out more information by clicking the link above (send money directly to Namibia)! Or fill in the form in the right margin to begin your transfer!

Money Transfers Thailand

Send money to Thailand – Working abroad and wanting to send money home. We can assist you with your online money transfers to and from Thailand. Offerring great rates, no transfer fees, secure and efficient transactions. Fill in the no obligation form in the right margin of the page.

Money Transfers Europe

Are you living or working in Spain or Portugal or France. Maybe your family is from Europe – Spain or Portugal or France and you are the breadwinner overseas. We can help you with your online money payments. Our process is fully trackable, secure and efficient. We offer highly competitive exchange rates and no hidden costs on your transacation. Fill in the no obligation form in the right margin and get the process undergo, have your money send to or from Spain or Portugal or France TODAY!

Sending money to Spain – With no heft bank charges, secure transaction, competitive exchange rates – learn more about Spain and money by following the above link!

Sending money to Portugal – FSA standards, reduced cost to you, better exchange rates!!! Money transfers to and from Portugal online are convenient ways of doing your transactions. Read up some more by following the link above.

Sending money to France – Transfers to and from France, within the EU and across borders. We provides you with some information that may be useful for your transfer needs.

Money Transfers Australia

Send money to Australia – transfers directly to and from Australia, expats sending money home, travel and tourism, property, investment, emigrating, importing goods, or exporting goods. We can assist with your transactions. All you need to do is fill in the no obligation form in the right margin of this page and get the process underway!

Money Transfers Canada

Send money to Canada we can assist you with your transfers, simple, efficient, convenient and secure services a simple step away. Simply fill in the no obligation form in the right margin and get your process on its way.

Money Transfers India

Send money to India – Are you trading with India? Well we offer the best rates in South Africa for money transfers between India and SA.