Equinox Unit Trusts

Equinox is an online unit trust retail service.

The investment industry in South Africa has grown in strength in the past ten years, and can attribute this to the appeal of investments in unit trusts, with an increase in outlets for funds as well as unit trusts becoming popular as part of retirement planning.

Many investments are made directly to investment funds by the investors themselves.

• Equinox plays an important part in the investment and trading of shares online.
• Equinox offers and up-to-date price and performance on no less than 350 funds.

Equinox Unit trusts offer you an opportunity to invest in a mixture of assets – this being shares, bonds as well as short- term money markets.

When investing in equinox unit trusts you are investing your money alongside other investors whilst paying a fund manager to invest intelligently within a managed portfolio. Each fund manager has his or her own mandate to comply to.
Investors can invest far smaller amounts of cash in a unit trust and thus achieve a far more diverse investment altogether than what one would usually achieve by going via a broker.

Equinox believes that times are changing. Their up-to-date and extensive comprehensive profiling of unit trusts as well as their 24 hour trading systems permits individual investors to manage their own investments successfully while at the same time achieving cost-savings.

As a rule unit trusts should be viewed as a long-term or medium-term investment, while at the same time reducing exposure to the more volatile short-term risk-taking of investing, while at the same time taking advantage of current market trends.

Who should then be investing in Equinox unit trusts?

Those investors who have little or no debt at all and who would like to grow their wealth in the medium or long-term, and are not afraid to take a certain amount of risk.

So why not take responsibility for your own wealth by visiting www.equinox.co.za to find out a little more on how to invest online? They have a fount of knowledge and advice which you could glean information from.