Persfin Unit Trusts

Personal Finance or Persfin is an online financial portal of independent media and news, delivering fresh, reliable personal financial information which is also available on the internet.

Persfin Personal Finance offers you both interesting and reliable information in layman’s terms that is really easy to understand. The information covers all aspects of how to make your money grow, and how to go about financial planning. This covers unit trusts, shares, and also retirement annuities, as well as how to go about running your own business and taxes.

Personal Finance is printed each Saturday in the Independent, the Pretoria News Weekend, the Saturday Star and the Saturday Argus. With a steadily growing audience and traffic from SA’s leading newspaper site,, the Personal Finance website is excellently positioned to give your company excellent exposure.
In addition to the newspaper and magazine articles, users can access financial tools and find historical data on Unit Trust results.

Persfin magazine is published every quarter, and is found in book stores nationally. and selected news-stands. Personal Finance magazine takes a more in-depth look at developments, trends and people that affect your pocket. In every issue is an 18-page databank section that gathers together all the updated figures you will require from unit trust performance tables to travel allowances as well as tax tables.

Few of us are able to afford tertiary education for our children when earning ordinary salaries, or are able to afford the best in private education– we all know that an excellent education ensures a solid foundation for the future of our young ones.

It does not make financial sense to pay for our children’s education out of current income, as this means we are funding out of after-tax income or through incurred debt. Persfin is what you need.

A good choice of financing the education of our children would be to opt for a product along the lines of the education plan offered by the Sage Education Trust, where there is a strong unit trust component. This particular product can also include life assurance policies to make available funds for educating our children should the breadwinner of the family pass away. This particular product has a trust fund component as well.