Private Property

A little bit of useless information for those of you who didn’t know, but Private Property and For Sale By Owner are the same thing… I’ve been in property for 2 years now and never knew that. Enjoy the reading in your private time.

This page is dedicated to the “Private Property” sites out there.

MyRoof properties, a great initiative by two dynamic young entrepreneurs. This site currently lists private properties in Pretoria, Gauteng. They have put together some great site features that I think will give Private Property a go for their money in the not too distant future.

MyRoof is a private property listing company, not an estate agency. Technologies used by MyRoof include;

The Internet – MyRoof is a web based company. The site is fully automated and they make good use of Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing Techniques. For those of you who live in Pretoria, you may have seen their billboards on some of the street lights!

Digital photography & Advanced Measuring Equipment – This is used to streamline their business and it’s why they’re able to offer listings on their site free, until the end of September.

What makes this initiative of private property listing so incredible is that it makes it impossible for estate agents to compete with MyRoof. They use world class technology and therefore work on very low volumes. MyRoof currently have 700 properties listed in their private database which starts competing with some very large corporate estate agencies. PLUS, MyRoof earn 0% commission, you cut out those 7% rate charges that all those agencies ask for. It’s a huge SAVINGS and a no brainer really. With the rate of growth that the internet in community is experiencing in South Africa, I believe that 50% of ALL property sales will be internet related.

Could MyRoof be the end to Estate Agents, well, list your property privately and find out!
For more information, check out MyRoof Private Properties.

Private Property –

Private Property have always been South Africa’s leading online private for sale by owner website. They’re the leading internet property site in South Africa at the moment and it’s visible with their listings now well over 50 000.

They offer free signups and a great sms facility for those wanting to keep up to date withprivate listings and new property signups. You can buy, sell or rent privately and for a listing a believe the cost is in the region of R900. This includes someone coming around to your place taking photo’s a listing your property on the private property portal.


Home South Africa another exciting and fast growing private property listing site. Home South Africa also look at providing a good portal for, Estate Agents, Investors, Buyers, Sellers and people seeking home loans. With a great presence on google and search engines worldwide, HomeSouthAfrica has managed to split their customer base. With almost 50% South African visitors and 50% international visitors, the majority of international private property investors are US based.

If the international market is your game and you’re sick of paying those exorbitant estate agent commission fees, is where you want to advertise. It’s a great portal for Property in South Africa.

Come South Africa it’s time we started waking up, it’s time you started using Private Property listing sites and make the money you should be making from your property sale!