Real Estate Agents and NQF Qualifications and 100% homeloans

So it is official.nqf for estate Agents
As of 30 June 2015 – that is now the official deadline to be certificated against either the Real Estate NQF Level 4 (for non-principal estate agents) or the NQF Level 5 (for principal estate agents).  So make sure you get involved now.

It is not a bad idea to heed this warning from the Estate Agency Affairs Board:

“It is not envisaged that this time period will again be extended. It is to be underscored, therefore, that those affected estate agents who have still not been certificated by the extended date will not be issued with fidelity fund certificates, entitling them legally to perform the functions and activities of an estate agent, for the 2016 calendar year.”

So often you can share this or inquire about this information from your mortgage originator, who remains independent from the estate agent and acts as a buyers agent, while they get you a 100% homeloan or advise you on how to get your dream home.