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So, it’s all over in London at the Olympics which will now be put to pasture in the history books and the fantastic events which have lit up the world will go down as one of the best in memory. So, as we leave London 2012 behind us we look forward to a normal world of property buys, sells, finance, money transfer and just general home and financial issues.

So, we have been up and now we must come down. This is particularly true when it comes to the world of finance, mortgages, money transfers and home loans and the last 2 weeks of Olympian feats of human endeavour have coincided with one of the quietest international trading since 2005/2006 period.

In South Africa the march to Mangaung is on and the education issue is in every parents heads so finance takes a back seat for some, while others look at getting mortgages for their properties hoping to register the deals before the dreaded deeds office December and Christmas close.  Getting a 100% mortgage is in everyone’s mind at present as inflation bites deeper into the pockets, bank lending remains stringent and getting yourcredit report remains the number one task for the citizens buying a home.  Am I credit worthy?

Queries from Italians who have had their savings in German bonds, increase into investing into the South Africanproperty market as they feel this is a better return than anything in Europe including German bonds.  Knowing that they can get 50% mortgages in South Africa and the 50% can be sent as a free money transfer to South Africa through companies such as Globalfundi makes life easy.

In the Eurozone, the politicians should start trickling back from their summer holidays soon, with Angela Merkel the German Chancellor, returning from a walking holiday in Italy (ironically Italy may well be asking for stimulus after the Italian 50km walking champion was disqualified for doping in London). Until they are all back, there is little that can be done to resolve on-going ‘European issues’. But watch this space we already feel rumblings on the horizon.  Maybe the Merkel long walk to Italian freedom is more significant than what we believe.

She and the Germans will feel the pressure increase in the coming months as the contagion/money bailout disease  once again creeps across Europe. Just recently ago we were looking at a European split and collapse of the Eurozone well…..

The market is worried about the German market astraders were buying German debt as a hedge against the European issues on the basis that, if there was some form of break-up, Germany would be in the strongest position. So we see a swing around now as the market mind-set has now switched to the expectation that any bailout package for others will add to the overall German debt levels.

Well, if the Brits can show togetherness, surely we South Africans and our Euozone brothers can do the same, for heaven’s sake.  Otherwise just invest and get a mortgage in a South African property.


Private PropertyThe most common method of producing a passive income with property is through the buy-to-let method. With South Africa being a developing powerhouse the potential for this property market is huge, on both the commercial and residential property fronts.  New age or low cost real estate developments account for the most active area in 2011 and the banks are lending 100% or more to their clients.

Residential growth in South Africa is growing with the increase in lower end, apartments, clusters and townhouse development projects.  People will always be looking for a place to stay and as the majority of the population is unable to afford buying a house, renting one is their next option.  At WizardMidrand we offer you a massive listing of several estate properties available in South Africa.  Not only catering to those who wish to make money from their investment, we also cater to the everyday home-seeker searching for property in South Africa.

Commercial property is about entering the big leagues. By selling or renting out property to companies the potential for profit and growth is huge. WizardMidrand is here to help you start swinging for the fences with our large collection of available commercial properties.


However you should not be constrained by South Africa’s borders, as lovely as they are. There exists a whole world of property possibilities. From condos, exotic holiday homes and foreign commercial property abroad, they all have the potential to bring in an income of foreign currency. At WizardMidrand we have the perfect partnership to get you in touch with the foundation layers of your overseas property dream and can offer properties and finance in over 50 countries.

Do not hesitate and contact us now for any of your property needs.

We have a super estate agents page. This page has a list of all of South Africa’s estate agents and agencies with all their properties in south africa. Well, it’s pretty new so we’re getting there. If you’d like your site listed in this section, please feel free to contact us.

Agencies currently listed here deal mainly in the Pretoria, Jhb, Midrand and Lowveld regions of South Africa.

Last but not least is our developers section. This is a list of all developments and developers who currently use Wizard Midrand for the mortgages and financing. Check this section our frequently, you may just get the upper hand on the next BIG DEVELOPMENT in South Africa.

Looking forward to it? SO AM I! Wizard property, your gateway to local property and investing in overseas real estate. It’s a dream for some, a realty for others and passion for WIZARD.

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