Home Loans

  1. Your 10 Steps to your home loan!
  2. Home Loan Affodability – 30% of your joint gross monthly income is the maximum you should use for a loan.
  3. Check Your Credit Rating – let us provide you with your latest credit report and score and tell you which banks and lenders will offer you a loan – before we submit your application to the bank of your choice.
  4. Choose a Loan Type – New home loan, Ordinary home loan; first time home loan, lower income home loan, government subsidy home loan, Further loan on existing bond, building home loan, vacant land, sectional title, foreign buyer home loan, buy to let, business loan, pension supported home loan, SA citizen living abroad home loan, real rights and share block finance.
  5. Required Documentation – and keep the environment uncluttered from paper.
  6. Relax and have a cup of tea! We do not mind if its something stronger and later in the day either.
  7. Receive feedback and lender or bank quotation(s) online from us. because we will find you all your banks that will lend.
  8. Choose your loan and bank of choice.
  9. Sign at the attorneys for transfer and registration of the loan.  We will keep you informed always.
  10. Await registration – go back to step 5.  This usually takes about 6 weeks or more.
  11. Take transfer and move in – we hope you enjoy this simple financial process because we do!


Before you start: Click here to order your credit report now

Banking Institutions We Use:

Home Loan Tools & Information Centre

  • HOME LOANS AFFORDABILITY CALCULATORS– Wizard Home Loans South Africa provide you with services that allow you to check what you can afford in terms of your home loan. Check out the home loan calculators plus apply for your Wizard home loan now.
  • WHAT TO DO WHEN BUYING A HOUSE: – Tips and hints for the buyer.
  • BOND ATTORNEYS: – taking care of your transfer and bond registration
  • BOND REGISTRATION AND TRANSFER COSTS – What costs are involved when registering a home loan. There are always hidden costs? What are those costs we never find out about until it’s too late. Come on in to our costs services section and let us show you what pitfalls and home loan service costs can be avoided.
  • TYPES OF HOMELOANS – With over 15 different mortgage types it’s so easy to get your mortgage loan confused these days. We’ve got a breakdown of ALL mortgage loan types plus a description of each… Let Wizard Home Loans South Africa help you choose the best home loan type for your needs.
  • BOND ORIGINATORS – With a country so full of home loan originators and lenders, we thought we’d dedicate a section on our site just to them!
  • INTEREST RATES – Want the latest up to date information with regards to interest rates and interest rate hikes.

Have a question:  Well just ask your personal adviser!